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Sportive training is the process of the preparation for the competitions. Everybody wants to win and the sportive trainings make this possible by the necessary conditions. The main functions of the trainings are the achievement of the high techniques level, the development of this level, and the great physical skills in the game where you want to be the best. The basketball dribbling drills is the “basic base” of the basketball game.

Handling drills let the person who has the ball in his hands take the lead from the person from the opposite crew, set yourself free from the defensing player, attack the basket and if it is possible throw the ball to the basket and hit there. But also it is one of the methods to communication between the players during the game: one player keeps the ball, other ones can change their position and make themselves opened for the pass or just to play the planning combination.

The player who can use the basketball dribbling tips is the thorn in the competitor’s side, moreover is the real danger for him, because usually one defensing player can’t control this person alone so he has to ask other players for help. It means that one player stays alone without any defense. He can run under the basket, get the ball and hit to the basket by it. It is very difficult to learn the dribbling drills basketball for beginners, particularly for kids. But if you usually visit the workout you will be successful because there you can get to know how to improve your basketball techniques.

Dribbling is the effective method against the active forms of the defense (for example, pressing). The good dribbler is the person who can dribble the ball by the right or the left hand, orientate at the basketball site very fast and who can change the ball dribbling’s height if it is necessary.

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Dribbling is more important than the footwork, and it is not surprising, because basketball players use only the hands to dribble the ball. In this game the player needs feet only when he moves to the opposite side of the basketball field. And if you need the basketball tips, here they are: if you know how to do basketball dribbling drills you will be better than your competitors who don’t do this. You always have something to show your competitors and it is cool.

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