How To Play Basketball? Elementary Rules

Basketball is the team sportive game with the ball, where players try to throw the ball into the competitive crew’s basket using only the hands. The hitting can get one, two or even three points to the crew. And the basketball crew who has the most quantity of the points wins. Now you know the necessary basketball rules for the answer how to play basketball.

People always play basketball with the special ball at the special rectangular site whose length is 28 meters and the width is 15 meters. The ball’s weight is about 600 g and its circle is about 760 mm (women use the balls whose circle is smaller, but the mini – basketball players use the balls which are even smaller than the women’s ones). All the balls can be divided for two types: indoor balls (for the premises only) and the universal or the indoor / outdoor balls (it doesn’t matter where you use this ball).

How to play basketball better? You can know all the rules and have a lot of practice in this game. Because the basketball skills are the thing which nobody can take away from you. If you want to play like the guys from the overseas, you will have to have a lot of learning time for the basketball trainings. If you have not enough time, it will not necessary even to start. Some people asked their coaches “Train me how to play defense in basketball! What are the playing positions? Who is the center player? I want to play like a pro! etc.”. Answer for majority of these questions you can find here or at other Internet sites. But in this text I will try to answer all these questions and give you the necessary theoretical basketball basis for beginners.

0 How To Play Basketball? Elementary Rules

The playing positions are the positions which can determine the fixing function of every player. For example (as if you asked) the center player has to stay under the basket, catch the ball from other players and try to through it into the basket. Usually the center player is the tallest player of the crew. And his growth helps him not to miss. As for the defense, it can be two types: the defense for the zones and the personal defense. If the crew starts to play with the zone defense, every player has to have his own zone where he must control the situation. If the crew starts to play with the personal defense, every player chooses the player from the opposite crew and tries to bother him during the game. How to play basketball like a pro? It is only your choice. Watch the different videos, learn with them steps on, practice with your coach and you will do your best.

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